If you’re a Major League Baseball fan, then the name Paul Lo Duca probably is a familiar one. The New York Mets catcher seems to be making headlines lately, and they don’t have anything to do with his performance on the field. The catcher recently denied claims that he has a gambling problem after an article in the New York Daily News reported he had significant gambling debts.

‘I don’t have a gambling problem,’ said Lo Duca, who did not take questions from reporters. ‘I do bet on horses legally. I have an online account, bet legally. I have no gambling debts, no past debts that were paid. Nothing. All of those allegations are false.’ Lo Duca also stated that he did not want his current situation to be a distraction to the Mets and thanked his numerous fans for their support.

With gambling becoming such a focus in world politics and entertainment, it is easy to see why this story could hold some truth. Gambling has gained popularity in the last few years, with the poker and blackjack booms drawing more and more fans to the tables and the online casinos. And with Hollywood stars participating in various tournaments and games, the fine line between fun gambling and problem gambling becomes thinner and harder to discern. As this story develops, Lo Duca’s fans will surely know the truth about his gambling habits – whether or not they are controlled and innocent or if they really do lead to a serious addiction to gambling.