On the time of crisis, the American wagers need to know what is happening in the online gambling industry. One of the best ways to communicate with the gamers is to set live tournaments. The online gambling industry has realizes that some people feel more attached to playing for real, and therefore some of the major casinos have set these kinds of tournaments. Last month a major American casino held a tournament based on The Wheel of Fortune. The gamers played in the same format of the online gambling, and answers questions, based on the rules of the Fortune game. It’s a brilliant and innovative move to appeal the crowd.

This tournament will be based on 2 major online gambling websites, and 5 wheel games. You can win between 5000 dollars to 140,000 dollars. The publicity this does to those two online casino websites is enormous. This is the main reason these casinos do it. To make people that normally would not do online gambling log in and even enjoy it. And this works. That month was a recovery month for this American online gambling facility, on the times the law pressures.

For older people, it’s a great opportunity to discover this new thing called online gambling. Most of them grew up on playing poker with their parents, but playing online with someone they don’t know is a new thing, therefore, this new route of online gambling is a way for the industry to appeal new crowds on that time.