The Jackpot Factory Group, a leading gambling and online casino group in the industry, has recently announced that its eight online casino and poker sites will remain open for business with US players until further notice. According to the management of the online gambling group, the company feels that the passing of this legislation is a serious development in the industry, but one that will not affect the business operations of this online casino firm.

‘Over the course of the next few months, the Jackpot Factory Group, along with Bright Share, our exclusive affiliate program, will continue to monitor this situation. More importantly, though, players will still be able to find safe and secure online gambling at any one of our casinos and affiliates will continue to receive the professional service that they have come to know,’ stated the management of the gambling group. Online Gambling fans belonging to this online casino firm will be happy to know that their online casinos experience will continue without interruption.

Many gambling firms online are unsure of what the future holds for the online casino industry now that this new legislation has been passed by the US Congress. Many have a strong member base in the US and fear they will have to forego allowing these members to bet at their online gambling sites for fear of violating US gambling laws. However, it seems that many online casinos companies are also unaffected by the recent developments, and will continue to refuse to cease operations with its US fans.