British online gambling have never had such a profitable time. They seem to be doing very well, and always have. The law in the Unites States, and it’s not nice to say, has made a very well service to the UK online gambling industry. All of the American wagers are directly linked to most of the major online casinos in the UK, and the traffic resemble to money, Pound by Pound. This is no doubt the best time for the British Kingdom, if I want to be picky, and discard all the terror and interior political problems (UK Prime Minister Tony Blaire would wish to have such a support as the online gambling community receive).

But the UK is not the only English speaking countries that make well income due to the US crash – you can point out on Australian and Canada as well. But, as predicted, when online gambling industries make well – the problems rise. Some lobbies have come up in these countries which think that similar to US laws should be regulated. The fight in the rising online gambling princesses has just begun then: this week major online gambling operators from the three kingdoms will meet and think of an anti-lobby action, in order to maintain profits and block the anti-casino talk.

This month the US president George Bush signed a law that does not allow the credit card companied to deal financially with the online gambling industry in the Unites States. This was a shock at first, but due to well primal-preparations, the US online gambling industry is doing very well, and most of the major problems were solved. It is now seem that the other English speaking countries – will have some new trouble.