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Harrington on Hold ’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments: Strategic Play (V1) by Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie
Unlike other poker books you may pick up, Harrington on Hold’em really walks you through how to think like a professional player. There are many essential differences between how a pro poker player and an amateur gambling fan play the game of Hold’em. In this book, Dan Harrington has managed to pinpoint these differences and take readers through actual game scenarios to teach them how to employ the pro player way of thinking. Overall, the two authors have been able to effectively teach poker strategies to players in every level of the game.

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro
There are two ways to win a hand of poker, the first requires you to have a great hand, better known as luck, and the second way is to learn how to read your opponents. The latter method, known as reading poker tells, is by far the better way to go if you want to consistently win in the game of poker. This fantastic book by Mike “The Mad Genius of Poker” Caro is the definitive guide to learning how to read your competitors tells, and thus, win the hand on pure strategy. This is not to say that this book will win you the World Series of Poker, but it will give you a huge edge over your competition every time you play.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System II by Doyle Brunson
If there is one man that knows how to play poker well it is Doyle Brunson. The man has managed to win more poker tournaments than almost anyone else in the world, and was one of the first players to be inducted into the WPT Poker Walk of Fame. Brunson is the definition of a professional poker player and the best person to teach you the poker strategies you need to succeed. Super System 2 gathers together the greatest players, theorists, and world champions and expands upon the original book with more games, new authors, and most importantly, more professional poker secrets from the best in the business. If you want to learn everything about the game of poker, this book is certainly for you.

The Everything Poker Strategy Book: Know When To Hold, Fold, And Raise The Stakes by John Wenzel
Are you new to the world of poker and want to learn everything you can about this great game? The Everything Poker Strategy Book will teach players how to Play Omaha, Hold’em, Stud, and other popular poker games. In addition, you will learn all about online poker and where to find the best online casinos. Everything Poker even teaches players how to master their body language, learn when to raise the stakes and, most importantly, how to turn things around after losing a few hands in a row. This book is the best poker strategy guides for every new poker player out there.

The Book of Bluffs : How to Bluff and Win at Poker by Matt Lessinger
If you have been playing online poker and are looking for some tips on how to crossover into live tournaments, this book is sure to help. Unlike online poker, live tournaments require you to use your body language and poker strategies to fool other players. Learning how to bluff well at a game of poker will secure you a win, even if your cards dictate a loss. Matt Lessinger reveals how, with the correct timing and mastery, bluffing will allow a player to win while holding an inferior hand, which professional players believe is the very essence of poker.