Some of the largest online gambling companies are still having problems with the law, and that’s because some of them are not yet adjusted to the new law. The law states that no online gambling activity will be taken place in the US with the use of credit cards. Most of the big online casinos in the United States have taken the needed steps to make the progress and bypass the banning law. But some of them have not prepered and this causes some trouble with the authorities. Online gambling companies in the US invened many new solutions to this law.

One of the things the US online gambling industry is doing to cut down in expenses. Some little online gambling sites have been shut down and some could not fit it in from several reasons to the new format the law enforces, so they had to be sold. On of the most heard of moves the US major online casinos have taken – is to merge and seek for cooperative actions. Many Israeli owned online casinos have already shifted perspectives and now we are told on another two major online gambling companies that will be merged on the first day of 2007.

The merge will enable the renewal of those companies: more creative mind on the business affairs (to combination has a larger financial stockage) and on the online gambling side too. They will try to make their online gambling experience better – and cope with the law better as an alliance