World cup fever is everywhere! Even at online casinos you can feel the excitement of this fabulous tournament. Online casinos are not missing out on this opportunity to offer amazing offers, bonuses and promotions. Like any industry, the online casinos industry does not miss out on using special days and events to think up new and tempting ways to bring more and more players to the online casinos world. The world cup is a perfect chance for online casinos to show the world what they are made of, and one particular Playtech online casino has done just that by coming up with the best World Cup promotion to date.

The promotion is that any online casinos players that can guess which team will win are eligible for a free ticket to the winning country. Amazing isn’t it?! Other online casinos are going to have to get their thinking caps on if they want to come up with even better promotions than this one. But they probably will because that is online casinos have to be good at coming up with good promotional ideas otherwise they would go out of business.

So be sure to keep your eyes open wide during the World Cup so that you don’t miss any other great offers at your favorite online casinos. All online casinos are bound to want a piece of the action, because if online casinos don’t show any interest in the World Cup they will definitely notice a drop in numbers of visitors to their sites during this important tournament.